Tuesday and Wednesday Cat 1 and Pro DH practiceWednesday Cat 2/3 DH practiceWednesday Cat 1/Pro DS practiceWednesday"s race awardsThursday Juniors 14 and under DH practiceThursday Cat 1 Men 15-18/Pro DS practiceThursday non-pro DS practice and qualifyingThursday Pro/Jr Cat 1 15-18 DS qualifyingThursday Amateur DH finalsThursday Cat 1 17-18/Pro DH practiceFriday Cat 1 17-18/Pro DH practiceFriday non-pro DS finalsFriday Cat 1 15-18/Pro DS FinalsAwards: All Friday racesSaturday DH practice Jr. 14 and underSaturday DH Amateur raceSaturday Cat 1 17-18/Pro DH practiceSaturday Cat 1 17-18/Pro DH raceSaturday non-pro Cat 1 DH practiceSaturday non-pro Cat 1 DH raceSunday Enduro